Thursday, January 13, 2005

Health Care

Most of you have definitely been to clinic or hospital for treatment on at least one occasion in your lives.Your visit to the doctor may have been to seek relief from an ordinary cough and cold,or perhaps to get stitches for a wound.What ever the reason, we all know the importance of having quick access to medical treatment especially in cases of emergency.
Sometimes, where you live becomes a matter of life and death, such as you have medical emergency at home and the nearwest hospital or clinic is many kilometres away.Although there are many medical centres, hospital and clinics in our towns, there are fewers of these in the less of developed areas.The number of qualified doctors must increase to meet the needs of the rapidly growing population.
What would happen if our population growth far exceeded the number of doctors or other medical personal available? This could be a possibility in the future. If there were too few doctors, it would become difficult for people to seek medical advice as often as they can now. They would have to make appointments way in advance and in emergency, thre may not be queues of patient all waiting to see the few doctors available. The doctors, too would be overwhelmed by the large numbers of patients coming to the clinics.
In such case, people need to have easier access to doctors. What your opinion on how medical assistance can be obtained in the future so that people only have to go to hospitals in cases of emergency.